API Trends 2022 - API Integration Experience

API Trends 2022 - API Integration Experience - Brenton House


Everyone wants the experience with their API products to be magical. From APIs, API Documentation, API Developer Portals, and API Artifacts, a lot can be said about the user and developer experience across the entire API landscape.

The reason API Experience is on the Top 10 list is that along with the huge growth of APIs in the past few years, there has been a corresponding growth in expectations that users and developers have when they go to consume or integrate with an API product.

API Products and Portfolios need to include things like:

  • Being intuitive (a must-have!)
  • Well-documented APIs
  • Self-Service Developer Portal
  • Having a great onboarding experience (zero to API in 5 minutes)
  • Consistent and useful error messaging
  • Keep it simple (it has one job)
  • Don’t be ugly (great UX and aesthetics)
  • Providing great logging and analytics
  • Including code samples and Postman scripts
  • Free-forever developer tier

A great developer and user experience for your APIs and integrations can give you an edge up over your competition and make a world of difference as to whether your digital and non-digital products are successful in this competitive market.


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