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You’ve been with us a long time, and through a lot of changes. We appreciate you sticking with us, and we want to make it easy for you to keep using your 25 GB of free online storage. All you need to do is go to the SkyDrive storage page and choose Upgrade my storage. That’s it—you’re locked in for 25 GB for free.*

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is the storage limit changing?
    When designing the new SkyDrive, we wanted to create personal cloud storage that was both powerful and that had enough storage to meet the needs of most people—for free. The new SkyDrive offers 7 GB of storage. That’s enough for 20,000 Office docs or 7,000 photos. And unlike before, you can upload big files (up to 2 GB) and automatically sync files or entire folders to SkyDrive right from your PC.

    We also wanted to offer additional storage options for people who needed more, without applying a single limit to everyone. So we now offer affordable plans to add up to 100 GB of additional storage to SkyDrive.

  2. What are the new features?
    SkyDrive for PC or Mac: Install SkyDrive on your computer and you can access files in your SkyDrive right from your desktop—online or offline. Files in your SkyDrive folder are automatically kept up to date across your PCs and Macs. Available for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X Lion.

    Apps for Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad: Get to your files while you’re on the go with the new SkyDrive for iPad app and updated apps for Windows Phone and iPhone. And of course you can still go to from your phone’s browser.

    Fetch files: Forgot to put a file in your SkyDrive folder? You can access any file stored on your PC running Windows from

    Increased upload sizes: Now you can upload and share files up to 2 GB.

  3. What happens if I don’t upgrade my storage? Will I lose my stuff?
    No. In the new SkyDrive, everyone gets 7 GB of free storage. If you were using close to this amount before the latest update, we’ve automatically upgraded your storage already . You can always see how much storage you have by signing into SkyDrive and checking the storage meter.

  4. Where can I go to learn more?
    You can get more information about SkyDrive on our website. If you have any questions, you can get answers in the SkyDrive forum.

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