Using Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 Together

So I broke down and installed Windows 8 Preview on a machine... Not the experience I was expecting. I hope that this is nothing like the final version because Windows 8 Preview looks horrible and it is even harder to navigate.

Anyways, I decided to see if I could put Visual Studio 11 on it. I know, beta on beta, but that's how I roll. This won't be a really long post about it because it won't even install on it. I tried several different methods but no luck.

Since I was less than impressed with the Windows 8 UI, I opted to wipe the machine and put Windows 7 on it. Haven't had any problems with Windows 7 and Visual Studio 11 Beta together!

Post comments if you have had a better experience and how you worked around any issues!

Brenton House

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  • So did you get any errors when installing? If so, how did you get around them?

    I know it is a common issue as I have seen a lot of other posts about it like this one:

  • I installed win8 via the boot from VHd option. Then installed vs2011. No issues, and after about 20 mins got use to navigating win8. Win8 is a new opp for ms devs. Look to embrace it

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