SharePoint Forums and Common code

Just a quick note that testing is going well by everyone and there are a few small things I’m fixing along the way. I’ll be doing the public release for next Monday (May 15) which gives me time to fixup any last minute problems and put things together in a nice installer for you guys and some much needed documentation. They’ll be a site setup just for the forums web part that will provide online documentation, a wiki, a place for you guys to submit bugs, etc. but this isn’t ready yet (but you’re going to love it when you see it).

Also with the release of the forum web part is the release of a library that I’ve been building for awhile. It’s a common library with a set of classes, routines, etc. that you can use in your own web parts or SharePoint projects. It gets installed to the GAC with the forums and will be used in other projects I have coming soon. I’m hoping that the common library grows and provides some useful things for your projects. API documentation will be provided with this along with source code when the forums source code is released.


  • I'm very excited for the Monday release -- been watching and waiting since the posts in January. If I understand this correctly, the web part is more than a web part, right, you create lists that the web part uses? This has to be done when the web part is added, correct? How does that work? Do you have code that checks for them, then adds them if they don't exist during the first attempt to render?

  • Excellent work, Bil!

    Will the forums release include a way to migrate existing sharepoint discussions into the new forum?

  • @Jason: The web part creates the lists itself if they're not found. All you have to do is add the web part to a page.

    @Mike: That's the plan but not sure if it will make it for the first release.

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