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  • Comment Policy

    This is my comment policy for this site. It was inspired (and plagiarized for the most part) from KC Lemson's Comment Policy on her blog (she's an uber-cool release manager for Microsoft Exchange Server, check out her blog if that's your thing).

    • I reserve the right to edit, delete, or ignore any comment. I don't delete comments disagreeing with me, but I do delete comments that show offensive or abusive language or behavior, or comments that seem to be from someone misrepresenting him/herself.
    • I reserve the right to turn off support for comments at any time. I generally do this after getting an obvious comment spam, and turn it back on a while later.
    • I reserve the right to ignore any comments
    • I reserve the right to ignore email or phone calls I get via this blog [1]
    • I reserve the right to ignore everything (that pretty much covers it)


    • If you want to ask me a specific question, email me but understand my time is limited so I may not get back to you. I generally don't track all of the comments here.
    • If I know the answer to a question off the top of my head, I will generally answer it within a day or so.
    • If I don't know the answer to a question, I probably won't research it, and I also won't follow up to say that I don't know the answer (it's just too much work for the amount of questions I get, and I see no need to repeatedly go around saying that I don't know anything :-).
    • My deep expertise is in SharePoint, .NET Architecture, Agile Practices, and Software Development and Design. That doesn't mean I know everything about those areas, just that I am much more likely to know the answer or be able to suggest additional areas of investigation for technical problems in those areas.

    [1] Unfortunately, just not publishing this information isn't enough to stop some people from contacting me via those methods. Here's a hint: If I don't make it easy to contact me via phone, it's because I don't want to be contacted by phone. I don't even like it when my coworkers call me, let alone people I don't know, asking me for help with a problem to which I don't know the answer.

    Bottom line... stop spamming me you screwheads!

    Comment Policy inspired by KC's