One Year of Blogging

I just can't believe that a whole year has passed. I still remember how I gave the whole blogging thing a long thought; I was a bit afraid of ending as one of those "Hi, I'm X and I'm going to write about Y, so stay tuned" bloggers never to be heard of. Well, at least I managed 1 year.

Looking back, these were my more popular articles, which generate feedback even now, many months later:

My "Wouldn't it be cool" articles also seem to be pretty popular.

Ok, the amount of feedback I get (via comments, or via email) may seem laughable compared to what some of the "big guys of blogging" receive, but it's enough to keep me motivated. And that at least a few people have me on their blog roll makes me feel a tiny little bit proud.

So... let's see whether I can manage another year ;-)

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