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  • GhostDoc 1.9.4 (for Visual Studio 2005) Released


    A couple of issues were found shortly after the release of version 1.9.3 yesterday, so here’s version 1.9.4 of GhostDoc for Visual Studio 2005 (download on the GhostDoc website)

    • Fixed: Installation "for everyone" not working in 1.9.3 (since preview 3).
    • Fixed: Configuration dialog using huge amounts of CPU time when clicking certain parts.
    • Fixed: Inherited documentation in VB.Net sometimes being garbled.

    Here’s my usual disclaimer: VB.Net support is regarded as "experimental",  it is turned off by default and you have to turn it on in the configuration dialog.

    For a list of what was new in 1.9.3 see this blog post.

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    Roland Weigelt
    Langwartweg 101
    53129 Bonn
    blog AT

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  • GhostDoc 1.9.3 (for Visual Studio 2005) Released


    Version 1.9.3 is a bugfix release of GhostDoc for Visual Studio 2005 (download on the GhostDoc website) dealing mostly with installation problems.

    • Fixed: GhostDoc not appearing in Visual Studio on systems that had Extensibility.DLL missing in the GAC (caused by uninstallation of other add-ins with buggy installers).
    • Fixed: GhostDoc not working on international (i.e. non-US) versions of Visual Studio:
      • Assignment of keyboard shortcuts not working on non-US versions
      • "Tools" menu not found on "Chinese Simplified" systems
    • Fixed: Problems with multiple users on a single machine.
    • Fixed: Problems with users working under non-admin accounts (MSI installation still requires admin permissions).
    • Fixed: Documentation of indexers in VB.Net (remaining known issue: VB.Net indexers are treated like C# indexers - no explicit <param> tag for the parameter, only the first parameter is mentioned)
    • Changed: Summaries of VB.Net properties in interfaces now start with "Gets or sets ..." (remaining known issue: ReadOnly properties are not handled correctly, but that's not easy to correct right now)

    Because of the known issues mentioned above, VB.Net support will still remain "experimental" in this release, so it is turned off by default and you have to turn it on in the configuration dialog.

    • Speeding up the C# Source Code Editor

      Sometimes, the C# source code editor feels a bit sluggish, even on pretty fast systems. One way to speed it up a little is by turning off the navigation bar (the drop down lists above the code window).


      • “Tools” menu -> “Options”
      • “Text Editor” -> “C#”
      • Uncheck “Navigation bar” under “Display”


      Of course, the navigation bar is there for a reason and some people just can not live without it. But if you’re like me, and don’t use all the time, you may find the following macro for toggling the navigation bar helpful:

      Sub ToggleCSharpNavigationBar()
          Dim objShowNavigationBar As EnvDTE.Property
          objShowNavigationBar = DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "CSharp").Item("ShowNavigationBar")
          objShowNavigationBar.Value = Not objShowNavigationBar.Value
      End Sub


      • Open the Macros IDE (“Tools” -> “Macros” -> “Macros IDE”)
      • Either create a new module or use an existing one (e.g. I have a module “Misc” where I collect all my small macros) and paste the code into it.

      You could assign the macro to a hotkey (Tools -> Options -> Keyboard), but even though I use hotkeys a lot, for this macro I prefer an icon in a toolbar near the navigation bar:

      • Right click the toolbar area -> “Customize”
      • The “Customize” dialog opens
      • On the “Toolbars” tab: Create a new toolbar (e.g. "My Macros")
      • Drag the (floating) toolbar to the toolbar area and move it somewhere near the navigation bar.
      • On the “Commands” tab: Click the category "Macros"
      • Choose the macro (e.g. "MyMacros.Misc.ToggleCSharpNavigationBar") from the “Commands” list and drag it to the toolbar

      The toolbar will look something like this:

      • Copy the following image 20060516_ButtonImage to the clipboard
      • Back in Visual Studio, right click the macro name -> “Paste Button Image”
      • Right click the macro name -> “Default Style”
      • Right click the macro name -> “Name” -> Enter "Toggle Navigation Bar"
      • Close the “Customize” dialog

      The button on the toolbar is now ready to use and will look like this: