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  • Behavior Driven Design in Bonn

    The .NET User Group "Bonn-to-Code.Net" of Bonn, Germany is happy to welcome Jean-Paul Boodhoo on September 29th for a talk about Behavior Driven Design. The talk starts at 19:00 and will be in English, admission is free (as all of our user group meetings). Information about the location is available here and here (Google Maps in English).

    An Introduction To BDD

    For years many of us in the TDD crowd have been repeating the statement "Tests are documentation". How many of us can truly say that is the case.

    In this session we are going to take a look at how to transform stories and translate them down into human readable code that truly can live as "business documentation". We will also take a look at simple organizational tools that will enable us to generate natural language reports from the tests that we are writing. Tests that can be read and validated by developers and domain experts themselves.