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  • .NET Rocks! – on Fusion!

    I’ve been following the “.NET Rocks!” podcasts of Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for many years now. They’ve had virtually all well-known names of the .NET development community on the show and hearing the podcasts is a good way to kill time on a flight, in the gym or elsewhere.

    From time to time they feature so-called “GeekOut” shows on topics other than software development. In recent months they had three shows on fusion science:

    The two shows on “hot” fusion were both fascinating and sobering at the same time, as the promise of “clean” energy seems to be far away – not only for “we haven’t figured that details out yet” reasons, but because of some very hard-core problems that are more or less being pushed back and ignored in order not to disturb the big machinery that is “Big Science”.

    The third show looks back at the circumstances of the original announcement and mentions current work by Mitsubishi that is not about producing energy, but basic research on nuclear reactions at low temperatures.

    Of course, a podcast can only scratch the surface of such heavy topics, but if you want something entertaining apart from software development that is interesting, yet easy to consume on the treadmill, give these episodes a listen.