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  • Looking back, looking forward...

    2005 was an amazing year…

    • GhostDoc became really popular (the VS2005 version alone had over 6000 downloads since the release in early November).
    • The PDC was a great experience, and visiting Microsoft before that was a lot of fun.
    • Being part of the “Show Off” session was nice; unfortunately it was pretty late, so people started leaving the movie theater before my video was even shown.

    My plans for 2006 (to be more exact, those related to .NET)

    • GhostDoc: After doing a bit of work after Christmas, it became clear that GhostDoc 2.0 will be a “large” release. Internally I’ll do some heavy refactoring on certain, isolated parts, throwing out some historical junk and moving to “C# 2.0 style” code.
    • Things I want to learn: From my current point of view, WPF is the thing I want to dive into.
    • Things I want to do: I’m in the process of founding a local .NET user group for the Bonn area, called “Bonn to Code” (yup, pun intended – all credit for that name goes to my colleague Jens Schaller).


  • GhostDoc 1.9.2 (for Visual Studio 2005) Released


    Version 1.9.2 is a bugfix release of GhostDoc for Visual Studio 2005 (download on the GhostDoc homepage).

    VB.Net support will still remain experimental in this release, so it is turned off by default and you have to turn it on in the configuration dialog. It will become official in the next feature release, which I’ll be working on over the Christmas holidays.

    Important: When updating from 1.9.0 please follow the instructions in the ReadMe.htm file in the ZIP archive. Users of 1.9.1 please uninstall before installing – an upgrade installation will not work correctly*.


    • Fixed: Installation issues with the US version of Visual Studio 2005 running on a non-US operating system version (e.g. German WinXP).
    • Fixed: "Custom text" feature (see "Options" tab on the configuration dialog) was broken since 1.9.0.
    • Fixed: The rule for event-related "On..." methods generated text with the name of the event splitted into individual words. Now the original name of the event is preserved; in order to achieve that, new macros have been added (see below).
    • Added: New "Verbatim" property of the "Words" macro. Example: for the method name "SayHelloWorld"
      • $(MethodName.Words.ExceptFirst) returns "hello world"
      • $(MethodName.Words.Verbatim.ExceptFirst) returns "HelloWorld".

    *) I’m using an installer class during setup, which in an upgrade installation is affected by a bug in MSI (known since 2002, btw). An upgrade installation is only possible without problems if the code of the installer class does not change – I hope that the changes in 1.9.2 to the installation are good enough for a couple of versions ;-)