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  • Emaroo 3.2.0 Released

    Emaroo is a free utility for browsing most recently used (MRU) file lists of programs like Visual Studio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Quickly open files, jump to their folder in Windows Explorer, copy them (and their path) to the clipboard - or run your own tools on the MRU items! And all this with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.

    About This Release

    When writing and testing custom actions, having to switch back and forth between tabs quickly becomes cumbersome. In version 3.2.0 you can edit a custom action directly on an application’s page via a new context menu on the custom actions.

    Another improvement for custom actions is that the $(DirPath) macro now also works for specifying the executable. You can use this e.g. to define a custom action for opening an “” file in the directory of a Visual Studio solution (if it exists):

    • Start Emaroo.
    • Switch to the “Settings” tab.
    • Select e.g. Visual Studio 2017 in the list under “Applications”.
    • “Add New” custom action:
      • Name:
      • Executable: $(DirPath)\
      • Arguments: (empty)
      • Start in: (empty)
    • Close the dialog with “OK”.

    Now switch to the Visual Studio 2017 tab and select a solution.

    • If the solution’s directory does not contain a file, the custom action will be disabled.
    • If the solution’s directory does contain a file, executing the custom action will open the application registered for Markdown files (I really like Typora, by the way).

    What Else is New?

    • Added: The icon of a custom action now indicates whether it requires administrative privileges.
    • Added: Emaroo now handles some use situations involving quote characters in custom actions automatically:
      • If the arguments of a custom action consists of only the $(DirPath) or $(FilePath) macro, quotes are added when closing the dialog with OK.
      • Quotes around executable paths are removed automatically, which is useful if you copied the path in the Windows Explorer via the Copy as Path context menu entry. In earlier versions the quotes would prevent the custom action from working at all.
    • Fixed: When opening a Visual Studio solution in a higher version of Visual Studio, the “always open as administrator” setting (via a .openAsAdmin marker file) wasn't honored.
    • Removed: Support for IrfanView - it didn't work correctly in all scenarios. I have a basic idea how to fix the problem, so support will come back as soon as I find the time for research, implementation and testing.

    Read the complete version history on the Emaroo website.