SonicFileFinder 1.8 Released

My colleague Jens Schaller has released a new version of SonicFileFinder, a free add-in for Visual Studio 2005. SonicFileFinder adds a fast search for files in the current solution, just by entering parts of the file name. This is definitely one of those tools I install on every development machine I work on.

The new version has a long list of additions and fixes, my personal highlights are (in no particular order):

  • Opening the Windows Explorer for the selected file will now not only open the containing folder, it will also select the file.
  • The feature “Search by Initials” now works with partial matches. For example typing the uppercase letters “PB” will find “PrefetchBuffer.cs” as in earlier versions, but also “PrefetchBufferManager.cs”, “PrefetchBufferException.cs” etc.
  • Fixed support for multi-monitor systems (nice if you have multiple copies of Visual Studio opened on different monitors)

Jens has also added Vista compatibility for the installer – before anyone is asking: yes, I’ll add that to GhostDoc in the next minor release (no idea regarding a release date yet, I’m currently busy finishing an important part of another hobby project). In the meantime, there’s a workaround, see the GhostDoc website for more information.

Update 2007–02–23: Jens just put up a bugfix release (SonicFileFinder 1.8.1)

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