GhostDoc 1.2.0 released

Version 1.2.0 originally was planned to contain mostly new rules; but it turned out that many of the planned rules require some kind of individual customization/configuration, so this had to be taken care of first. Internally, this release now does use configuration settings for each rule (e.g. templates for the generated texts), but the dialogs for actually editing these settings have not been implemented yet (they will be part of a 1.3.0 release). From a user's point of view, version 1.2.0 contains some important bug fixes and new rules for handling properties and methods with names starting on "Is", "Has" and "Can". 

Download: on the GhostDoc homepage

Note for users of version 1.1.2

During setup, GhostDoc upgrades configuration settings of previous version (stored in the file "Weigelt.GhostDoc.gdc"). Usually this file is located in the GhostDoc installation directory, but due to a bug in version 1.1.2 the file was stored in the root directory of one of your hard drives.

If you have made changes when using version 1.1.2 that you want to keep, you can import the old settings using the "import" feature on the configuration dialog (see the help file for more information), then delete the ".gdc" file in the root directory.

What's New:

  • Added: New rules for handling method names starting with "Is", "Has" or "Can".
  • Added: New rule for handling property names starting with "Is" or "Has".
  • Added: Internal changes in preparation for rules to be configurable individually (affecting e.g. import/export) in future versions.
  • Changed: During the setup phase, importing and upgrading configurations can now be distinguished(button and window title renamed).
  • Fixed: Editing the adjectives for the "of the" reordering does not enable the "Apply" button; pressing the "OK" button does not store the changes. If anything else is modified in the configuration dialog, the changes will be stored correctly.
  • Fixed: Configuration file is stored at the wrong location (root of the installation drive). This bug was introduced in 1.1.2.
  • Fixed: GhostDoc can be affected by installing other add-ins, sometimes setup dialogs are shown again when Visual Studio is started.

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