Just for Fun: Simple Control for Terminal-style Output

The other day I was playing around with the RichTextBox, learning how to use this control. One of my experiments produced the effect of text being displayed on an old terminal, character by character.

Now I've wrapped this code in a simple control. Please don't ask me what it can be used for. Maybe for an "About..." dialog. I don't even know what I will do with it. It's just that from time to time I have to write some useless fun stuff to relax a little ;-).

You can download the code (VS.Net 2003) here; an example project is included so it's just "unzip, open solution, hit F5".

The Write() and WriteLine() methods are used for adding text to the output, ClearScreen() empties  the output area. The control can be customized using the properties BackColor, ForeColor, Font and CharactersPerSecond.

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