"Show Off" at PDC 2005 ?

Michael Swanson writes: “Show Off at PDC 2005”:

We propose a PDC 2005 2-hour session called Show Off. The concept: "Why demo your cool application to a few friends, when you can Show Off to thousands of your peers at the PDC?" […] You and/or your team put together a single WMV file that shows off something cool about your application, tool, technique (or whatever). […] Videos are limited to 5 minutes. […] So, what do you think? Would you participate? We're trying to gauge interest before we spend a bunch of time on this.

I think that’s a good idea. Hey, I’m actually thinking about making my own video (guess about what ;-), even though I’m not quite sure how speaking English in front of a camera works out for me – but I’d give it a try…


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