GhostDoc - The Movie ;-)

I just submitted my video for the PDC 05 “Show Off” session. Producing this video was much more work than I expected, which means that I won’t be able to release the final of 1.3.0 before the PDC (I’m already leaving on Thursday, as I’ll take a little detour on my way to L.A).

The hardest part of the video was speaking English and presenting GhostDoc – either I mis-pronounced a word or stumbled over a wicked combination of “s” and “th” (which I wouldn’t care about in a real-life situation), or I made a mistake during the presentation. Fortunately with some editing, many things can be fixed.

If the video is accepted, it will be shown at the “Show off” session and will be made available after the PDC. Sorry, I can’t post a download link before the PDC.

Update: The video was accepted and shown at the PDC, and is now up on Channel 9.

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