GhostDoc Nominated for BASTA! .NET Award 2006

Wow… my Visual Studio add-in GhostDoc was selected out of 32 proposals for the German .NET Award 2006 sponsored by BASTA!, magazin, msdn magazin (deutsche Ausgabe), entwickler magazin and SQLCON 2006 to be one of 10 nominees for the final round.

The nominees are, in no particular order (the linked pages are in German, sorry):

A total of 20000 EUR (over 25000 USD) are be won for 1st down to 6th place. Hey, with the 6th place winning 1000 EUR, I’d happily settle for that . But the competition is tough, with some heavy-weights like SharpDevelop and ComfortASP.NET in the mix. On the other hand, I don’t have to beat them, I only have to leave 4 other nominees behind me (which I think will be tough enough).

The award ceremony will be held on 20th of September as part of the BASTA! conference in Mainz. Originally I hadn’t planned to visit the conference, but as it’s not that far from Bonn, I’ll take a day off and drive to Mainz.

P.S. I’d like to thank Albert Weinert for convincing me to enter a proposal as I was feeling a bit intimidated by the premise of an award “for the best, most innovative, and most important contributions to .NET coming from Germany, Austria and Switzerland”.

Update 2006-09-15: Seems like I have to leave 5 (not 4) competitors behind me... in a mail clarifying what is happening when during the award ceremony it is mentioned that 1st to 5th place according to the judges get prizes and that one prize will be awarded by the audience (no chance for GhostDoc on that one, given the competition of e.g. SharpDevelop). Whatever; I look at the whole situation like this: I don't have to pay entry fees to the BASTA! conference for that day and I'll take what I can get in terms of interesting sessions. So even if GhostDoc doesn't make the Top 5, I still have gotten something nice from being in the Top 10.

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