GhostDoc 2.1.3 Released

GhostDoc is a free add-in for Visual Studio that automatically generates XML
documentation comments for C#. Either by using existing documentation inherited
from base classes or implemented interfaces, or by deducing comments from
name and type of e.g. methods, properties or parameters.

20080106_GhostDocQuick Facts

  • Version 2.1.3 is a minor bugfix release, fixing problem with documentation for specific operators and import/export of partial configurations.
  • Download on the GhostDoc Website
  • Users of earlier versions: Please read the ReadMe on upgrading!

What’s New in GhostDoc 2.1.3:

  • Fixed: No documentation was generated for the operators "&", "<" and ">".
  • Fixed: Rules for classes, events, interfaces and structs were not shown in the export dialog, making it impossible to exclude them from an export.
  • Changed: Tags for empty rule collections in config files are now removed (cosmetic change, does not break compatibility of the file format).
  • Added: Some "of the" triggers and prefixes, "no the" words and acronyms.

Note that VB.Net support is turned off by default and has to be turned on in the configuration dialog.

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