Mysterious Mail / The Final Mill / Van Velsenmeer

To whom it may concern: Nice idea, sloppy execution.

Update 2008-02-09: As this thing is getting more and more elaborate, I'd like to clarify the "sloppy" comment. While I do acknowledge the overall effort you (whoever you are) put into this ARG, I must say that the initial impression wasn't favorable in regard to the level of quality - the English texts on the websites of two supposedly no-nonsense companies/organizations really would have benefited from some proof-reading. In a game where the goal seems to be the recruiting of smart people, you should always keep in mind that everything you do reflects on the company behind the game. Anyway, there are people (with way too much time on their hands) working on the various riddles and puzzles and I honestly wish you luck that at least one of them actually ends up working for you in the future.

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