Nasty little Difference between "Find" and "Find in Files" in VS.Net 2003

I'm a keyboard shortcut junkie; at the same time there's a large variation of how fast I pick up a hotkey. While I used Ctrl-F / Ctrl-H (find / find and replace) and Ctrl-Shift-F / Ctrl-Shift-H (find / find and replace in files) for what seems like ages, I only recently started using Alt-F / Alt-A (find next / replace all) in the Find dialog -- don't ask me what took me so long...

Now sometimes you simply use the wrong shortcut, especially if it's pretty new for you and not completely burnt into your brain. Maybe you're tired or distracted or whatever.

So what happens if you hit Alt-A (replace all) in a Find dialog? Nothing, because there's no button "Replace All" in this dialog. Sounds reasonable.

But what happens if you hit Alt-A in a "Find in Files" dialog? Well... it replaces everything you wanted to find with some text you entered in the "Replace in Files" dialog five minutes ago!

Fortunately I had the "keep modified files open" option checked, so could use Undo...

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