MarkdownTextBlock Improvements in UWP Community Toolkit 1.4

Version 1.4 of the UWP Community Toolkit has been released, read more about it on the Windows Developer website and in the release notes.

In my blog post about version 1.3, I wrote about the then-new the MarkdownTextBlock control which had a couple of missing features. While writing the blog post, improvements were announced for 1.4 on the Universal Windows Platform UserVoice page and I can now confirm that they are actually in the new release:

  • Images are supported (They cannot be embedded inside a hyperlink, though).
  • Triple backticks (```) for fenced code blocks are included (without language-specific syntax highlighting, which frankly would be a bit too much to ask – but a way to implement your own would be nice).
  • Tables work as expected.

The fastest way to try out the MarkdownTextBlock (and many others controls and features) is in the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App in the Windows Store.

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