OzCode – or: Why it’s Always a Good Idea to Visit the Exhibitor Booths at a Conference

You surely have come across the situation when you visit a developer conference with an exhibition area, walk past a booth, see the company logo, read claims about increased productivity and think “ah, whatever”.

Tip: If you see something that remotely touches your area of work or general interest, do yourself a favor and ask for a product demo. You never know what you may miss.

I’m at the Microsoft Build conference right now and I stumbled across a fine product that promised increased productivity when debugging C# code – and actually delivers.

OzCode (http://www.oz-code.com/) is a Visual Studio add-in by the company CodeValue. They have videos on their website, showing off the individual features. Each video is just a couple of minutes and gets to the point really quick.

I downloaded the trial version, used it on the application I’m working on in my spare time and the “Reveal” feature alone made me regret I haven’t come across this add-in earlier.

OzCode doesn’t interfere with ReSharper (the OzCode devs are ReSharper users themselves), the pricing is reasonable and they offer free licenses to open source developers and Microsoft MVPs. Definitely worth a look!

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