Document Mover Utility

Stumbled across a new utility that popped up on my SharePoint radar (Sharedar?). Here's the blurb from the author:

Documents Mover is a tool that moves the files between sharepoint document libraries and keeping the version history and the directory structure of the files.

Simple enough. I gave it a whirl and it works pretty well. Good error handling and such. It does suffer from a few problems that the author might want to consider on enhancing (and these are just my nitpicks):

  • The tool only allows you to move files from one document library to another in the same site/area. Personally I would want something that moved from one site to another.
  • The tool is another one that has to be run on the server. When are we going to be able to write tools that work anywhere? (yes, you could use my SharePoint Wrappers but it has limited functionality)

Okay, so the second point is more of my rant about how to build tools for SharePoint rather than what the author did. Anyways, nice handy tool if you need to move documents around in a site and retain the history. Check out the tool and download here.

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