Fitz has been pretty quiet lately but he always resurfaces and pops up like those damned Whack-A-Mole games from time to time. I wonder what they have him doing as he's been quiet for a few weeks now (and I prodded him a couple of times in email with no response, which basically means nothing but thought I would throw that in). Anyways, he's got a nice short post on this year's Professional Developers Conference and to keep an eye on the Office/SharePoint Development Track. He dropped a hint of this awhile ago but now it looks more solid. While I hate the fact that I can't attend Tech-Ed this year and drink heavily and hang out in the SharePoint Cabana, not even a free X-Box 360 will prevent me from getting my butt down to PDC. Looks like SharePoint is going to kick into overdrive and re-enforce the message big Bill gave about SharePoint being one of the key collaboration technologies in the Office Space and Microsoft will be letting us peek at what we can expect next year.

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