AddFieldAsXml... I wish this monkey would go away

Oh the horror of it all. You would think that XML is XML is XML. For whatever reason unknown to mankind, the order of CAML (and what combinations go with what) just don't add up. Some things make sense (like allowing multiple values for text fields doesn't make sense) but the order? I still have to wonder if Microsoft is using ordinal values to extract attributes from the schema as all I've done is moved an attribute to the front of the CAML statement instead of the end and BOOM! I've given up on any kind of validation tool for CAML right now because the permutations of what works and (more importantly) what doesn't is way too consuming. I am however putting together a spreadsheet with all the <Field> attributes with a cross reference against types. It goes something like this:

Attribute Attachments Boolean Choice Computed Counter etc.
Aggregation No No No Yes Yes etc.
AllowHyperlink No Yes Yes No No etc.

You get the idea. A matrix of what attributes are valid with what types you can define for a <Field> tag in CAML. This was put together out of frustration with what attributes I should/could use for any given type. I'll publish this for anyone who's been scratching their heads on these properties as a cheat sheet of sorts when I get it completed, hopefully by the end of the week (barring any more distractions).

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