PDC Day 00 (AM)

It was a dark and stormy night and all around.. oh wait. No, wrong blog post. It's sunny and 80,000 degrees here in L.A. and the night was quiet. No earthquakes or terrorist attacks from some valley guy (yeah, I picked a great time to visit a new city). No word yet on my missing camera so I'm going to write it off. The good thing is that I'm located in Little Tokyo so I just have to fall over before I'm surrounded by electronics.

Some of the broken things I was experiencing earlier are working now. I have the Julian thingy working on my PDA now and downloaded the sessions. They've updated it to include things like the .NET Rocks trivia contest tonight (yeah of course I'll be there, like you had to ask?) and the BOF sessions. Nice. Although with good comes the bad. After unpacking everything I forgot the power cable for my external drive. I had all my virtual images on it and was hoping to play around with some new stuff this week that I had. Sigh. Even with a checklist this nerd just doesn't get it. Let's see, 1 day here and I lose my camera, and forget my power cable. At least I have the power for my laptop and other goodies. Can't wait to see what happens later in the week.

Anyways, I'm off now to hunt down and kill some breakfast here then down to the conference centre to check-in or whatever and get some geek booty.

Flickr (no pics today as Mr. Fuji has going MIA)
Google Maps where I'm staying (Miyako)

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