PDC Day 00 (AFT)

Hi guys. I'm blogging from PDC after registering this morning. The setup is pretty freakin' impressive (and huge). WiFi everywhere. Geeks everywhere (not a good looking woman to be had) and more PDAs and laptops than you can shake a stick at. Tommorow is the big launch day with Bill G. in da house giving the keynote. Until this we struggle to look for a nightlife, parties to crash, and bars to upheave. Hooked up with Angus Logan and we wandered about the town trying to find a camera store and a place to get a mobile SIM for Angus. The people of L.A. are a little off as they keep looking at me like I have three heads everytime I ask someone for a place to buy a camera. I mean, there's a jewelry district here so where the hell is the geek district? You know, the place with all the geek stores side by side and I can just max out my credit card? I suppose if I asked them I wanted to buy a suitcase full of uncut coke they could direct me to that (and would maybe he have a camera to sell me?). Anyways, the quest goes on as I try to find a camera replacement, a nightlife and some semblance of fun in this town.

Flickr (no pics yet as I struggle to find a camera store in the %#$%@ town)
Google Maps where I'm staying (Miyako)

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