PDC Day 01 (Grooving my way to PDC)

Well another half day, another 5000 steps (thanks to my Microsoft ped-o-metre), and about 20 new t-shirts later here's the afternoons blog. I've been wandering the floors and will be heading off to the Groove session shortly. Talked with Hugh Pyle, the Senior Product Manager for Groove. He'll be there talking about it (and I think there's a demo). Check it out in Room 406AB at 2:45. You can check out Hugh's new blog here.

I stopped by the Ontolica booth. They're the ones that make the most excellent free SharePoint Explorer tool (that I'm sure you all have downloaded by now). They have their newest version of their commercial search add-on there and I got to see what was up with it. Their new feature is very goole-like (as if that's news with new products these days) and will display hits within documents. Nice. The demo we did was a search in a Word document which then got rendered via the HTML Viewer and the hits were colour code highlighted. I think the beta is available for download, but check their site here.

That's it for now. I'm pretty wiped so far and it's only 2pm. Another few more hours, some dinner and copius amounts of drinking should finish off the day. I'll be spending a lot of time in the Office and SharePoint track lounge (but would spend more time here if they got an X-Box hooked up, hint, hint). Catcha later!

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