The differences as described by Susan

I don't often point my blog to other peoples but I thought this was relevant (and way overdue) and it was a Sunday afternoon and I'm not wearing any pants. Susan Bradley, our SBS Diva, has posted an excellent comparison of plain-jane WSS against Small Business Server (SBS) and it's use of WSS here. As with most Microsoft products coming out these days (VSTS, Navision, CRM, Project Server, etc.) they all use WSS for their document sharing and collaboration junk. SBS is no exception and Susan nails the differences between the two in a nice entry. This question comes up a lot and there seems to be a lot of bickering about WSS vs. WSS on SBS so hopefully this clears things up as they are really the same thing, just configured differently. No magic. No mirrors. Just options. Go read. Now.

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