No, not the mega-corp that provides home pages, search, and other goodies to millions of internet users. I'm talking about the Yahoo! that we scream when cool events take place in Calgary.

It's launch day for the Visual Studio tour! We had our VIP reception last night. Below is Daniel C from the Calgary.NET Users Group (also a MVP) with Dan Sellers from Microsquishy and J.P. from Thoughtworks. The second pic is me with Frank from Quadrus and John "I'm gonna rock" Bristowe. I'm off to our breakfast now, ready to get outfitted in our cabana boy outfits. John was sporting a bit of cold last night, but he and Joel Semeniuk are ready to rock for today's event. Anyways, I'm off to hang out and generally pontificate about cool .NET things so drop by the Cabana and say Hi.

Bonus Info for attendees: Besides getting a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 at the event, be sure to get your eval forms filled out and handed in because we're giving away (drumroll please) an Xbox 360! Rock on.

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