SharePoint Connections 2006, I'll be there

You know, I swear to god I thought I did a blog posting on Thursday and Friday this week. Hmm. Maybe the mind is going as I shift into old age mode.

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be speaking at the SharePoint Connections 2006 conference in Orlando April 2-5. The session information isn't posted yet so I can't say specifically what we have cooked up for you guys, but it's focused on SharePoint (of course) with most focus on the current version, but they'll be some talk of the next release. If the public beta is out by then, we'll be able to incorporate those into demos but otherwise it'll be 2003 focused.

More information to come later as it becomes available. The early bird registration cut-off is February 16 and you can save $100 on the fee. Check out the official site here for more info.

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