Monday Morsels

A few tidbits of non-original thoughts this morning as I teach the new cat (we named him Xander) how not to wake up Daddy with his claws buried in my chest at 4 in the morning.

The SharePoint Show has launched and looks (well, sounds) pretty good. It’s an independent audio show (read: podcast) all about SharePoint (and in English too, Michael Greths podcast is great by my German is so rusty he could be podcasting about the latest bratwurst recipe for all I know). The launch site has a good amount of content for it’s first day so why not drop by and give it a listen.

Fitz comes out of his rabbit hole and has a nice lengthy talk about WSRP, Web Services for Remote Portlets. This was a standard that formed sometime in the last year or so and there was some buzz about it but it quickly died out. Fitz comes back with some highly technical architecture diagrams explaining it and the benefits. You’ll see a lot more of this as Office 12 kicks in.

Finally I see our newly awarded MVP, Carlos Segura Sanz, has posted a modified doclib schema with folders in a regular view. It was only a matter of time someone did this but his solution shows a doclib with folders in a view that gives you a sort of tree view of the library (but without using Explorer view which we all know is evil). Very nice and simple for those that are still clinging to their folder structure and want to see SharePoint behave like Windows Explorer. Check it out here.

I’ve added a copy of things to the site here that may (or may not) make life easier for you, the weary traveller. The site feed can now be consumed via Feedburner here. Not really sure what benefit that has over the normal .Text Xml feed but whatever. It does put a nice graphic on the home page showing me how many people are subscribed (a whole 2 at the moment, but don’t worry as I won’t hold a small intergalatic animal hostage to bump that number up). There’s also a Google guestmap that you can pin your name somewhere on the map to let everyone know where you’re from. Again, I have 2 people on this (including me) but it’s fun. Check it out on the left hand side under the map. Yeah, my sidebar is getting pretty full with a lot of silly internet tricks. Let me know if it’s really annoying and I’ll take it down but I figure I might as well fill up the space.

Looks like VMWare has it’s server software up and available for download so go forth and be free in the virtual world.

Oh yeah, Rory finally got it up last night so check out the new TinyThings site running on dasBlog and download the show 10,000 times to free the Ewok.

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