SharePoint Connections Sessions and Microsoft Day

The SharePoint sessions of the DevConnections conference that I’m speaking at (April 2–5 in Orlando) has the schedule posted for those that want to pre-plan their time there. With some horse trading, the DevConnections guys managed to wrangle in some softies and declared the first day of the conference, Monday, to be Microsoft Day! They’re presenting a full day of sessions for each track at the conference (SQL, ASP.NET, Visual Studio and of course, SharePoint) and they’ll be a Microsoft “Unplugged” Night (don’t ask me what that means but feel free to fill in the blanks with your imagination).

This is both good and bad news as it’s always a pleasure to see Fitz do his thing but it means they had to bump one of my sessions. I won’t be presenting “Minority Report: The Art and Science of building reports from SharePoint data” as it was the one that was dropped but hey, you still get 3 full hours of me with my other two sessions (Hard Core Logo: A Deep Dive into SharePoint Branding, and Rabbit Test: Building Unit Testing Web Parts using TDD and SharePoint) which are both being presented on the last day, Wednesday. Trust me, Wednesday is so much better than Tuesday because they have, right after my session, ICE CREAM BREAK! Way cooler than the plain old boring coffee break on Tuesday and I’ll promise not to prevent you from getting some Hagan-Daas by running over (or if things get really wild we’ll just bring the ice cream machine into the room and serve ourselves, like what are they going to do… fire me on the last day?). So if you’re not running around trying to get the last of the swag, drop by and see me and we’ll have some fun. You can download the PDF shedule directly from here.

Also remember that the early bird registration is still available until February 16 so if you’re planning on going, register now to save $100 (okay, it isn’t much but I don’t make the rules and if you want to register after the 16th then send me the C-note).

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