Colligo making the SharePoint rounds

Colligo Networks, makers of Colligo for SharePoint has released their beta 2 version of the product. If you’re not familiar with it, Colligo for SharePoint is a rich offline client that emulates the functions of SharePoint team spaces. The client enables mobile users to download, create, organize, view, edit and save content on their laptop much like they can on a SharePoint server. 

A lot of new features and fixes have gone into Beta 2, including the following highlights:

  • Support for views with grouping
  • Support for events lists and recurring appointments
  • Support for issues lists
  • Can now reuse Windows login credentials to authenticate with site
  • Can now modify credentials and URL for a site through the Workspace > Manage Workspaces menu item.
  • Synchronization progress bar now reflects the actual progress of the sync
  • Switched to .NET Framework Version 2.0

Some Key improvements still to come include:

  • Ability to sync multiple sites at once (rather than syncing each site individually)
  • Improved error handling and reporting

They have a blog online now at and you can sign up (free) for the beta here.


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