TechEd 2006, Birds of a Feather, DevConnections, and Hanselman in Calgary

Just a reminder of a couple of things coming up as I get a few things in order. Next week I’m at SharePoint Connections and presenting on Wednesday. It’s going to kick and we’ll be doing some pretty cool stuff during the sessions (I’m still tweaking things, updating code, and generally polishing the presentation for you now). Slide decks and code will be online after the presentation and I’ll be blogging everyday about what’s happening in other areas as Microsquishy talks about Office 2007 and SharePoint. I’ll be around the entire conference so hit me up for some mashing or something. Whatever mashing is.

Also my TechEd 2006 Birds of a Feather session proposal “Getting Ready for the next generation of SharePoint” is still avaiable for public viewing so please vote here (you have until Friday). I think it’ll rock and we’ll have some fun so show your support, vote, hang out, send emails, talk amongst your friends and hit me up for some mashing or something. Still don’t know what mashing is.

Tonight we’re meeting Scott Hanselman as he braves the cold (it’s really not that cold here today) and comes to Calgary to present “Anatomy of a Successful ASP.NET Application - Inside DasBlog” to the Alberta .NET User Group tommorow. There’s still space to register so head to the website because you can’t miss seeing Scott and his presentation kung-fu. Watch for pics coming soon here.

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