SharePoint Connections - Orlando - Day 1: The Beauty of Orlando

Wow. All I can say is wow. Being in Calgary, I’m not easily impressed. I mean, when you live next to the Rocky Mountains and wake up in the morning to see 3,000,000 tons of rock jutting up into the landscape it does take your breath away sometimes. We’ve only taken a quick walk around here but even the pictures I snapped from the hotel room are jaw dropping (and that’s saying a lot as I’m a craptastic photographer). Anyways, here’s the view out of our room.

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Nice huh? Bet you were here huh? Huh Andrew huh?

Registration is complete as I picked up my official secret decoder ring for the conference and the uber cool shirts they gave us. The keynote starts at 6:30 tonight and there are a few workshops going on right now. Also the expo hall opens tonight around 8, so expect the swag posts to kick in (I already have a little swag from the initial bag but I’ll post my ill-gotten booty later tonight after I raid the vendor booths).

For the photobug in you I’ve created a couple of sets in Flickr to view my pics. I have an Orlando set which will just be boring vacation type pics. They’re nice if you’re looking for a sunny disposition. I also have a DevConnections April 2006 set which will contain pics from the conference (and the wild debauchery that will take place after hours).

If you’re around the conference IM me or look for the geek who’s taking all the pictures.

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