TechEdConnect Updated

Leverage Software, the guys that put together the TechEdConnect application, have updated the site with some new, must needed features. The display of groups you’re in is much improved and shows the members of the group (well, duh) which I thought should have been there in the first place. Couldn’t tell who was in the group, even if you managed it. They also improved some search capabilties but I can’t tell what’s changed there (although you can search for a person by name, which I don’t think was there before).

Again, if you’re heading to TechEd you should get hooked up on TechEdConnect and doing that collaboration thing with people with similar interests. The MVP group (for all you MVPs going) is up to a whopping 9 members and I know there are more of us. At least with only 9 people it’ll be easy to find a place for dinner.

So check it out the updated TechEdConnect, get connected, and look me up while you’re at it.

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