Blame Scott Hanselman

If there’s on person on this dilapidated planet that will cause my ADD to kick into high gear, it’s Scott Hanselman. He always comes up with the coolest links, toys, and little things about .NET that make you go Hmmmm...

He and I share a love affair with a tool (yeah, that’s pretty silly when you read it, so take it in and have a drink or two). He hooked me onto it with this podcast on his Hanselminutes show about it, and I’ve been awe-struck ever since my head blew off (about 10 minutes into the podcast, during which time I downloaded the “toy” shell and gave it a whirl with the commands he was piping out).

Anyways, for your Monad fans (I flat out refuse to call it PowerShell, what a stupid name. Sounds like some weekend project on Tucows or something) Scott brings a great tip (and .INF file) for adding the “PowerShell Prompt Here” command to your right-click menu in Explorer. Check out the tip and grab the file from here.

Now if I can just get it to work with FAR Manager (another tool I’m in love with now, after ditching Midnight Commander, again... courtesy of Scott and this blog).

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