Meet the "new" SharePoint Community

SharePoint is all about community. Whether it’s forums or newsgroups or blogs, everyone is always trying to find information. This was difficult before and required ninja Google skills to find what you needed. Microsoft stepped up to the bat to rectify this problem with initiatives like Microsites and Communities. Unfortunately, the SharePoint community wasn’t that great and offered a few links that really didn’t help much.

Now that’s changed with the launch of the new SharePoint Products and Technology Community.

Here’s what the old community site looked like:


And here’s a new one:


A vast improvement.

The new community has a set of small components that offer dynamic content. This content is pulled from various places so for example you can see the most active discussions from the SharePoint newsgroups (with links to that topic in the web based newsreader), the latest blogs, and links to all the SharePoint MVP profiles.

Consider this your starting place to find SharePoint information in the future and check it out here.

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