Calgary Code Camp Slides, here comes TechEd...

As I’m screaming through the 101,000 things I need to get done before TechEd (we leave Saturday) I’m just (finally) getting the Code Camp materials online. Sorry about the delay. You can grab the two slide decks here:

I once caught one this big

I had to go commando (of sorts) when I did my presentations so it was Notepad++ all the way. I was in the middle of moving from Office 2003 to Office 2007 and uninstalled everything. The morning of the Code Camp I wondered why my .PPT files were not showing that familiar Office icon.

Silly rabbit.

I had uninstalled Office. So I was left without a way to run my slides (not that I really like putting too much into the slides anyways).

The 20 Cool Tools presentation was fun as we ripped through as many tools and demos as we could (and that would work). The deck has each tool listed with a URL to get a copy. It’s actually 21 tools as I stumbled over Red Gate Softwares SQL Prompt which just kicks ass so I had to include that. BTW, it’s free until September 1st so go grab a copy now!

Code Camp Setup

I’m still cleaning up the Web Part and Master Page demo so that’ll go up in another post later tonight. It was all good in the end but here are the slides if you’re interested.

After that, we go through the vast array of electronic inventory that I’m bringing to TechEd and start a 7 day series of blogs. Watch for the starter tommorow as I kick off with my itinerary, where I’ll be, how to contact me, what I’m going to be blogging about, and some extra special things that I’ve never done before (watch out Scoble!).

It’s going to be a busy week.

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