Calgary Code Camp, tommorow!

Hey kids, it’s almost time for the first ever Calgary Code Camp! Tommorow morning, bright and early starting at 8AM at the 5 Calgary Downtown Suites Hotel we’re going out and doing it.

I’m giving two presentations at the camp. First is a development session on using ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts (not SharePoint), Master Pages, and Providers to build your own personal portals and web sites. Right after that I’ll be going through 20 essential .NET tools you can’t do without (20 tools in 75 minutes, that’s 3 minutes per tool plus startup and question time, pretty wild). There’s also plenty of cool presentations all day from John Bristowe, James Kovacs, Richard Campbell, Jean-Paul Boodhoo, and others. Be there or be square.

There will also be lots of goodies as a couple of the sponsors have some givaways and baggies of stuff so be sure to show up to get yours (because what better way to spend a Saturday in Cowtown than to get free schwag and listen to geeks like us for the whole day?)

After the camp the files for the presentation will be online on the site with code and slides for you to download.

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