Getting ready for B2TR and SharePoint Comparisons

A bit of a mish-mash this morning as the caffeine hits the veins and all of my cylinders start firing.

First there’s a quick post about the upcoming Beta 2 Technical Refresh for Office 2007 (which includes MOSS/Windows SharePoint Services) from the SharePoint team. It’s basically a RTFM post and it is important. As Lawrence pointed out in his own post, the upgrade is not just simply a double-click of an EXE. There are some steps you have to manually do before and after the install to ensure a fully upgraded version. So keep an eye out for these and I’ll post more info when the update is released to the wild.

The second thing is a nice summary that MS put together on the differences between 2003 and the various flavours of 2007. It’s in the form of an excel spreadsheet and really sums up what’s changed. Something to keep handy when you’re scrambling to explain what the differences are to those high-priced execs. You can download it here.

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