TechEd 2006 - Day 0 - If I was a passport, where would I be?

Well, it’s less than 10 hours before I plane (the opposite of deplane) for Boston and TechEd 2006. It took an hour to gather up the stuff seen below. About 10 minutes to gather up the tech stuff we need for the trip, the other 50 minutes were looking for the elusive passport.

TechEd, here we come

Here’s the rundown on the gear I’m taking this trip:

  • Compaq Presario laptop for demos and whatnot (catch me sometime to demo the SharePoint Forums Web Part running on Office 2007)
  • Watch (because I can never tell what time it is)
  • Cell phone (because I can never remember to bring my watch)
  • 1 256MB Kingston USB key
  • 1 64MB Kingston USB key
  • 1 1GB SanDisk USB key
  • 1 2GB SanDisk USB key
  • Microsoft wireless mouse (for the laptop because the TouchPad doesn’t always work)
  • Dell wired mouse (just in case the batteries die in the wireless mouse because you can’t turn it off)
  • Sony DVD Camcorder (my better half will kill me if I lose this)
  • 1 MVP Backpack for goodies
  • 1 MVP Laptop case for the laptop
  • 1 Sony PSP to keep myself busy between the wee hours of the morning
  • 1 Creative Web Cam for video conferencing with home
  • MSDN DVDs just in case I need to do an install
  • 1 250GB Iomega external drive (holds source code, VMs, porn, MP3s, etc.)
  • 1 80GB Iomega external drive (backup for various stuff)
  • 1 TD Canada Trust Visa card (for hookers or laptops or whatever cool stuff I can buy down there)
  • 1 CIBS Aerogold card (to pay off the TD Visa card)
  • 1 Linksys router (so we can share the pain in the hotel)
  • Various badge holders and clips as they always come in handy
  • Various PSP games to keep me occupied (Katamari, Liberty City Stories, Burnout Revenge, etc.). Couldn’t fit the XBox 360 in the suitcase.
  • Power supplies and more cables than you need to hook up and run everything

I just wish that Jimmy Nilssons book Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns : With Examples in C# and .NET had come in from Amazon so I would have something to read, but my PSP and James’ company should keep me happy.

Yeah, there’s a little room for my spiderman under-roos and a couple of shirts and pants, but that’s about it.

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