Kicking the SharePoint beast

First off, thanks to everyone who's been contributing stories to, kicking stories, and generally promoting the site by providing "kick" links in your own blog posts. SharePointKicks is growing and growing (which is a good thing) and becoming a great resource to filter out only the *good* stuff.

Also props to Gavin Joyce who has singlehandidly (is that a word? where is my Websters plug-in?) been updating his *kicks* sites, and generally adding features as he can find time. Its interesting to see that DotNetKicks and SharePointKicks are the guinea pigs that get the first kick at the can for the new features (no pun intended). Maybe an indication of how popular kicks is.

The recent updates are well recieved and will let you sort (using no-postback ajax techniques) the latest stories and top stories (based on number of kicks) from the last day, week, month, and year. There's also tagging which was added a few releases ago. This lets you add additional filters to posts so you can submit a story to the Community category, but then tag it with something like MOSS, Development, or Customization (or create your own tag). The tags display is based on how many items are tagged with that word, so larger tags will have more stories associated with it (very much like Community Server has with it's tagging system). I'm sure there's an official name for this who tagging concept and there's probably an entire blog dedicated out there that describes the origins (feel free to put a link in the comments if you know or come across it).

Anyways, thanks again to everyone in the community for making SharePointKicks a great SharePoint resource (and so quickly!). Please do continue to contribute, kick things, and generally pimp it to the world as you can find the time. Also if you do have suggestions on SharePointKicks feel free to send them to me at Some of these suggestions may make themselves into the *kicks* software Gavin puts together and would show up on all the kicks sites, so consider your contribution not just to the SharePoint community but the development community at large.

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