Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh - Thursday

Wow, that’s a big blog title to say three times fast (or one time slowly).

Anyways, after the public beta release of MOSS back during the TechEd days, you can grab the latest bits for what Microsoft calls a “Technical Refresh” as of tommorow morning (Thursday, 9AM PST). It’s not another full-fledged beta, it’s an update to it and corrects various issues, adds some new things, and “refreshes” your beta 2 install here and there (including cosmetic changes).

The news is out on the various websites with some reviews and additional info about the release:

The update is available for the entire Office 2007 stack, but of course I’m a biased blogger and this entry only talks about Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services v3.

Like I said, it’s a technical refresh but it does improve things. At the same time however, it might break other things. For example, some of the BDC entries might be “off” and require reconfiguration. There are other areas that have changed that might break things you have in place. While this is a technical refresh, Microsoft is providing an upgrade path from Beta 2 to release so installing this is optional, but recommended. Why? It’s more stable and there are more features and generally it’s creeping closer and closer to a release candidate flavour.

Now for the zinger. As has been mentioned around the blog-o-sphere, installing the TR is not going to be a “ClickOnce” type scenario. There are some vital steps you have to take, otherwise you may invalidate the install or (worse case) corrupt your data. Of course always backup your data before you try this. Also, when/if you do download the bits and start your install remember…


Yes, I know. We as developers, architects, and internet gurus laugh at the mere thought of documentation however if you have to read one doc (besides your kids report card) in your life, make it this one. If you don’t, you’ll be travelling a path I cannot follow (or help you as will most other people).

The two key facts to highlight for your install that I want to mention here (besides backup and RTFM) are:

  • Shut down the Search Services before you upgrade
  • As I mentioned, there’s the potential to corrupt data during the upgrade if the Search Service is still running. So go into your Services in your Administration screen and shut it down. There, now wasn’t that easy?
  • Install all the Beta 2 products and language packs before you upgrade
  • You know the saying “Once you go black…”. Same thing here. Once you install B2TR you won’t be able to install any additional products or language packs. So make sure you have everything installed in your VPC, Server, etc. before you upgrade.

Also if you’re upgrading a Beta 2 standard installation, there’s a workaround required so again, crack open that README and just do it.

In a nutshell (and this is by no means a replacement for the documentation) here’s the sequence you’ll go through to upgrade from Beta 2 to Beta 2 TR:

  • Turn off WSS Search and Disable OSS Search
  • Install the update to Windows Workflow Foundation (.NET 3.0)
  • Install the WSS patch
  • Install the MOSS patch (if upgrade MOSS)
  • Restart forms services and workflows
  • Restart the Search Services

Watch the blogs for detailed instructions, gotchas, workarounds, screenshots, etc. from the various SharePoint bloggers (including myself). If you do run into problems of course just yell. We’re always here to listen and try to help (or make crazy fish jokes like the one about the walrus, the nurse, and the prostitute, your choice).

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