NYC SharePoint User Group Presentation on BDC Tommorow

It’s a hot time in the cool city tommorow. Well, it’ll be hot here in Calgary and I don’t know the weather in New York but anyways I’ll be doing a webcast for the NYC SharePoint User Group tommorow (Wednesday). The webcast is on the BDC and while I only have a half-hour to present, we’ll run through some samples in the BDC, how to create and use Content Types defined in the BDC and a little coding sample calling the BDC services to programmitically “make stuff happen”.

If you’re signed up then great (they tell me there’s about 60 people coming already), otherwise see if you can get in by visiting the NYC SharePoint User Group Portal here. The meeting starts at 5:30pm EST at the MS office in New York. This is the first in their “MVP Series” that they’re presenting so hopefully I won’t screw it up too badly for you guys that follow ;)

This is a Live Meeting presenation and I’m not sure if they record the demo or if I’ll be able to, but hopefully we can put it online for anyone else to suck down and kick back with after the fact. After all, they only have so many sandwiches they can muster up at the user group meeting.

See you then!

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