SharePoint Forums schedule update

Just a quick update on the SharePoint Forums project. I’ve moved the next release (v1.1.0.0) out to July 1st. It’s just too close to TechEd and I wasn’t able to actually get any work done while I was there (no surprise). The monthly iterations will continue, but they’ll start on the first of the month. This just gives me a little time to get things going. Also the roadmap is being planned out for the August and beyond releases which will include new functionality and support Office 2007 installations.

Also when you’re reporting issues, can you please provide some information about your setup. It’s important to know if you’re on a SharePoint Portal Server install, or just a Windows SharePoint Services setup (or a Small Business Server setup) and if you’ve installed ASP.NET 2.0 on WSS or something crazy like that. It’ll help track down problems much faster for me.


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