SharePoint Projects on CodePlex

Just wanted to highlight the current SharePoint projects listed on CodePlex.

SharePoint Community Kit
This project is used for the development of the SharePoint Community Kit, which consists of a Standard Edition and multiple specialized and value add editions, each of which enables practically anyone to create very quickly a functional community website on Windows SharePoint Services V3 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  
SharePoint Stramit Document Library Browser
SharePoint Stramit Document Library Browser is a free package of 3 Treeview WebPart for the SharePoint document library. I have always complained about the lack of navigation options that are in the the document library feature of SharePoint. Lots of people speak about migrating all shared documents from a WSS site.

SharePoint Learning Kit
The SharePoint Learning Kit is a community-source eLearning tool that integrates with Learning Gateway. Rich content is supported with full SCORM 2004 compliance and basic functions are supported for any electronic document.  
Windows Sharepoint Services Site Directory Web Part Project
This is a security trimmed Windows Sharepoint Services Web Part project that will display to the user the sites that s/he has access to. It uses a simple hierarchic tree view to provide easy navigation and access to all the permissible sites, and uses the built-in sharepoint icons to display the types of the sites.  
Office SharePoint Server Search Web Parts
Powerful, extensible web parts for Office SharePoint Server search.  
SharePoint Forums Web Part
The SharePoint Forums Web Part is a free, open source, single web part that provides a more feature rich discussion board for SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services based sites.  
Database Metadata Generator for the Business Data Catalog
A tool that automatically generates database metadata for Office SharePoint Server 2007’s Business Data Catalog.  
RSS FeedReader
An aggregate syndicated feed reader for SharePoint in web part format. This web part is designed to display several RSS and Atom feeds in a single web part with configurable option such as what to display and caching capabilities for the feed data.

Most of the projects are active and have releases. One of them, the Office SharePoint Server Search Web Parts, seems already abandoned with no releases and no sight or sound of the owner even in it’s forums. Otherwise, SharePoint is alive and well on CodePlex. Here’s to seeing more SharePoint oriented projects up there!


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