Spend an hour searching with SharePoint and Robert Bogue

Robert Bogue has been around in the SharePoint sphere for sometime now and is just starting to put together screen casts (web casts, whatever you want to call them) for SharePoint.

The first in his screen casts is based on a live presentation he’s been giving for the past year and a half. It explains all the ins and outs of SharePoint search. It’s based on 2003 but the principles apply to 2007 (and I’m sure he’ll update it for 2007 hint, hint). So he’s offering up his SharePoint Advisor presentation, repackaged into a web cast. All free as in beer, which is always good.

You can check out his blog entry here and watch the screen cast here.

Watch for more screen casts from the entire SharePoint MVP community (and other SharePointHeads out there) over the next few months (including yours truly) as we discover what we can do with this wonderful technology ;)

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