TechEd 2006 - Day 3 - Scott Cate, Hardware Pimp

I’m just sitting with the CodePlex guys at TechEd and Scott Cate from came over and dropped a bombshell on us. He pulled out a Sony Vaio UX50 that came in from Japan. This thing kicks the llama’s ass, and then some.

Scott and his (borrowed) Vaio

Check out the specs on this bad boy… 1/2GB of RAM, 30GB drive, a killer video card (Scott was playing his video of his sailboat at PDC), plugs into a monitor and keyboard so you can use it as a desktop. The list goes on. There’s also going to be a hardware upgrade so you can replace the 30GB drive with a solid state one. Our mouths were drooling over this one.

This thing rocks and I don’t know about you but I’m getting one asap. I mean, anything that I can fit in the palm of my hand (or Scott’s) and has this much power… why would I bother with my Compaq R4000 laptop? Twice the power at a quarter the size and the same cost?

The Sony Vaio UX50

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